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History of Gems

How Are Gem Stones Formed?

  • Natural gemstones are formed through natural processes within the earths crust taking millions of years to grow. They are formed only when all conditions to form a specific gemstone are satisfied naturally.

  • Through co-incidence, when many natural elements and minerals are assembled at a certain temperature and pressure followed by slow cooling. Every natural gemstone undergoes this process and involves great human effort in finding these sources and mining them, extracting them from ore and shaping them for you.

  • Gemstone deposits are not found all over the world but they are discovered only in few locations. Out of the total gemstones extracted approximately only 1/4 th is of Gem Quality and out of these less than 5% are more than 3 carats. Thus finding a clear-transparent (non included) and beautifully colored gemstone is very rare.